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10 Creative Ways To Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

When your teenager hears the word 'writing', they might think of it as:

  • Long

  • Difficult


  • Frustrating.

And even more so, if you have a teenager that struggles with writing, whether you are homeschooling your child or they are in school.

But what if you could creatively adapt to a writing task?

Where it can reflect the type of writing that your child could potentially be exposed to in their future......

And it could be the type of writing that they might do in their future career!

If you could tell your teenager or teenprenuer that there are so many cool jobs that require them to write accurately and skillfully.

For example,

  • Novelist

  • Screen Writer

  • Copy Editor

  • Columnist

  • Video Game Writer

  • Proposal Writer

  • Grant Writer

  • Ghost Writer

  • Proof Reader

  • Greeting Card Writer

  • Blogger

  • Social Media Specialist

  • Film Critic

  • Biographer

  • Translator

  • Book Editor

And this is not even half of them! So it would be a great opportunity to inform your teenager about the type of writing jobs that they could potentially do in the future.

So how can we give our children the best writing challenges, and a chance to improve their writing skills, without your child yawning several times before the task has even begun?

Here are some creative home learning ideas that you can suggest for your child to explore.

10 Creative Ways To Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

- Write for a newsletter

If your child's school or extracurricular group have a newsletter, why not get them to volunteer to write a section in the newsletter, especially if it is a club that your child is participating in.

For example, one of my students impressed me with her amazing writing skills for a wildlife centre she volunteers in.

I was blown away! And as her online writing tutor, I didn't realise she was so passionate about animals!

Therefore, this is an opportunity to get to know your child and what they are passionate about.

- Start a blog

A blog is a great way for your child to practice their writing skills on a weekly or monthly basis.

I should know! : )

Especially if your child has a specific interest like - Gaming, Disney, Harry Potter, Sports etc. So they can write about their interests or something they have strong at. And they can also attract like-minded readers.

One of the main aims for your child to start a blog could be to build a following but it can also be to practise writing consistently.

Even if it doesn't feel like work!

- Write in a diary or journal

I have mentioned this before, but this is a great way for your child to have a personal and safe place where they can write whatever and whenever want.

Also, it is very therapeutic to offload and get all their emotions/thoughts out on paper.

I have kept all my diaries since the age of 10, and it is very humorous to read through my old diary entries.

- Write Poetry

You might have a child that loves expressing themselves through words. You never know, their poems might be published in a book one day, so get them to build a portfolio and share their work with you if they want to.

- Enter in a writing competition

There are so many competitions that can be quite nerve-wracking at first when submitting that final draft, but it is so worth it if they potentially win.

They can learn to write under a specific deadline and build that much-needed confidence in their writing skills.

Also, some children might work better when they have to compete against others!

- Write reviews

If your teenager is an avid reader or movie buff, they can practice writing their reviews.

This could be a movie, book or even a game.

It might be useful for their friends, as they might need recommendations for particulars books or movies and your child can feel like an expert!

Also, reviews can help them to develop their critical response to other work out there, which they need to demonstrate in their essays and exams.

- Write short stories

You might have a child that loves writing short stories and sharing them with others, and this is a great topic of discussion around the dinner table.

Also, they can master their creative writing skills, especially if they write about a specific genre most of the time.

- Travel writing

As we know, the pandemic has put our travelling plans to a halt. But if you have travelled as a family frequently in the past. Why not get your child to write about their excursions?

You never know, they can eventually change their travel excursions into a memoir.

- Write for a local newspaper

This is similar to writing for a newsletter, your child might have a school newspaper, or even your local newspaper in your area may offer opportunities for young writers to contribute.

All you need to do is ask that specific newspaper if there are any opportunities for your aspiring journalist/columnist to practice their skills.

- Write to a pen pal

Great collaborative activity as they can exchange with another person and it is less isolating just writing something on their own.

There are always ways to get a pen pal from another country. It may be different from the traditional way of writing a letter and it might be more online.

But your child can learn about other cultures or languages, and an opportunity to teach someone English who may not speak it fluently.

So to conclude:

10 Creative Ways To Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

- Write for a newsletter

- Start a blog

- Write in a diary or journal

- Write Poetry

- Enter in a writing competition

- Write reviews

- Write short stories

- Travel writing

- Write for a local newspaper

- Write to a pen pal

I hope you enjoyed my tutor advice and home learning ideas, before you go, don't forget to.........

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