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This Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar guide is ideal for busy parents and teenagers!

This stress-free guide will help parents feel more relaxed and less guilty about the lack of time in helping their teenagers with their writing practice. Also, allowing teenagers to develop their confidence by being more independent in sharpening those much-needed SPaG skills for their writing practice.

SPaG is not taught consistently in most (Secondary) High Schools, this guide will take your teenager through the basic and intermediate Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills, that they may have forgotten from (Elementary) Primary School and encourage them to use the correct SPaG in their writing practice.

This guide goes through each area of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, common mistakes used in SPaG and shows teenagers how to implement these skills in their essay writing. Also, some useful SPaG quizzes where they can test their overall knowledge that is provided inside the book.

So whether your teenager is at home or on public transport. This is the best guide to use when they are busy and on the go!

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