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Is Your Child Struggling With English?

Chama Tuition is an educational service providing private online English tuition for young people aged 11 - 18yrs old & adults, preparing them for their GCSEs/equivalent and beyond.


My aim is to: 

  • Help them to go above and beyond their expectations in their writing ability.

  • Focus on the key writing skills they need for their exams and the future.

  • Building fun and solid relationships with students; using my unique approach and my performing arts skills, so they can enjoy the writing process.

  • Reach their full potential with confidence in their desired target grade.

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NATALIE CHAMA - Online Writing Tutor & Storyteller


Is your child struggling with English in school?

Do you want your child to have more confidence in the subject and be exam ready?


I can relate to this fear of failure and lacking confidence in English.  When I was in school, I did not have any confidence in reading, writing or speaking and I did not have the right English teacher to bring the best out of my potential.  As a result, it left me feeling resentful, defeated and isolated from making real progress. 


I managed to pass my English GCSE, but if I had more encouragement from my teacher, I would have achieved the grade that really reflected my potential.  However, my love and training in performing arts helped me to build confidence.   I have implemented this skill into my teaching so I can bring out the best in my student's writing skills.  Therefore, my experience has taught me that the right work ethic, resources, attitude and support can help anyone achieve successful results.


I can help you with that.......


My name is Natalie Chama - I am an English Tutor of Chama Tuition and a Professional Storyteller.  My passion is to build confidence in your child so they can elevate to the next level of success.  I have a proven track record where all my students have made progress in English.  For example, one of my students has managed to move 3 times above their desired target grade for their final GCSEs even during the pandemic when the GCSE's were cancelled in the UK. 


As a token of my gratitude, everyone that signs up to my mailing list will get a free grammar lesson for your teenager. 

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Chama tuition –  “Reach Your Full Potential With Confidence”.



11 - 18 YRS & ADULTS
(KS 3 & 4 ) GCSE, GCSE equivalent (adults), other exam boards and general writing practice.

Building confidence in all students:

  • Chama English Tuition is committed to getting the job done. 

  • I believe that English can be informative, stimulating but also fun!  Specialized in English and Drama (Performing Arts).  So there is a natural performance/interactive approach in my teaching and allow this student to grow in confidence in their literacy skills. 

  • The focus is on areas such as; essay practice, comprehension, creative writing, academic writing, reading, building vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.   

  • All of the sessions are tailored for the child's ability and the aim is to encourage them to work at their own pace so they can become more confident in their writing skills. 

  • All sessions are currently on Zoom.

1:1 Tutoring packages include:

  • Support in setting S.M.A.R.T targets/goals (as needed in sessions)

  • Support and organising/prioritising work (this is within the tutoring session)

  •  Support  homework and essay marking

  • Progress report available upon request

  • Tailored literacy resources

  • Term-time assessments are available

  • Online access and English practice in Bedrock Vocabulary Learning Program





"Natalie’s sessions were really effective, she gave me a lot of resources to work whilst constantly encouraging and supporting me throughout every piece of work I did. We always got through a lot in every session looking at areas I needed to improve on but making sure to notice my strong points. And in a small amount of time managed to help me get 3grades higher than my original grade".

— Mansimram, London UK

Natalie’s tutoring sessions have been really helpful, especially as I am doing my exams. She has helped me improve my spelling and I feel more confident to use more ambitious vocabulary in my writing. It has not only helped my English but other subjects as well. Natalie teaches in such a way that I am able to understand the work, and what is required of me. I am able to find new ideas for my work and I am not struggling when it comes to creative writing. These sessions make me feel better prepared for my GCSE exams I will continue with her until they are over. Thank you very much for tutoring me Natalie best wishes for the future.

— Toni, London UK

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"My objective was to improve my comprehension. Natalie’s lessons offered many efficient techniques consisting of short, clear steps to answer the questions. The work became easier after only a few sessions. I also find it particularly useful that Natalie is a school teacher, therefore her feedback is based on the criteria used in schools."

— Raphael, London UK

- Toni, London UK


"Natalie has been tutoring me for 2 years now and we have been focusing on creative writing. She has helped me to be more confident in what I write and I feel like my creative writing has improved. For example; in school, we have regular 'English Showcases' to show what creative work we have done in the class.   My creative writing
work was put on the PowerPoint out of 8-9 pupils in my class".

- Carissa, London UK


"Natalie is such a nice English teacher! She is very great! With her help, I passed my English equivalency test! My target was to get 5. She encouraged me and taught me a lot of skills which made me feel more confident! By the end, I got 6!!!! I was so excited and can’t believe it! I highly recommend her to everyone!!"

- Lynn, London UK


"The whole structure and the lesson plans are very well thought out and thorough. Natalie is very encouraging and positive about the way she teaches. You have a dedicated time slot with her and get feedback after each session, which she emails the parent/s about what has been discussed or taught during the session. We will continue to have Natalie tutor our daughter this year and have already pre-booked the sessions. Thank you again, Natalie, and keep up the good work. 10 out of 10".

—Jenny P, London UK


"Natalie grabbed both my non-enthusiastic teenagers' attention, they were laughing and working hard during all sessions. They actually said after session 1, ‘make sure you come back!’. Lesson plans and termite assessments are thorough, relative and well structured. As an educator myself I was very impressed with both her style of teaching and my children’s engagement. Their academic achievements have improved at school and my daughter, in particular, gained a lot of confidence from Natalie’s sessions. Definitely recommend".

— Tamsyn M, London UK

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"Natalie is a very enthusiastic teacher and prepares for the lesson very well".

- Neha, London UK

"Natalie started tutoring my daughter a couple of months ago. She took the time to ask me questions about my daughter and we agreed together on some areas of focus. Over the weeks, she built a strong relationship with my daughter by being really encouraging.  The lessons are well planned, very engaging and completely tailored to my daughter’s needs.  Natalie brings a lot of passion, enthusiasm but also expertise to the lessons. I can see that my daughter has already made some good progress. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly".

- Julie, London UK

"Natalie is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who was able to engage well with my teenage son during his GCSEs. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to others. He passed his English and now he is going to study Business Studies".

Natasha L, London UK




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