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Private Online Writing 

What Do I Teach?


I have a proven track record where all my students have made progress in English and Drama.  For example, one of my students has managed to move 3 times above their desired target grade for their final GCSEs even during the pandemic when the GCSEs were cancelled in the UK. 


As a token of my gratitude, everyone that signs up for my mailing list will get a free how to get an A for GCSE English Checklist (please see above). 

So, what are you waiting for?  Join the Chama community by completing the contact form below.

Chama tuition –  “Reach Your Full Potential With Confidence”.
























GCSE English -  GCSE Equivalent & General Writing Practice

I have the ability to make English more fun for your teenager online! We focus on:

- Developing their writing skills 

- Using other online tools to help them improve their English skills such as Google docs, One Note and many others.

- Unlimited access to an English app called Bedrock Vocaulbulary Learning that helps to develop your teenager's Comprehension, Vocabulary, SPaG and general knowledge in English tailored for your child's ability. 

GCSE Drama &  Storytelling Practice

As a professional storyteller and qualified Drama teacher, I do offer 1:1 or group sessions in storytelling online where I focus on: 

- 1:1 sessions for Drama GCSE or other equivalent exams.

- Group sessions available which include:

Monologue/Duologue work, Scriptwriting, Character development, developing key storytelling skills, creative writing and free writing.   

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