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25 Helpful Tips For Going Back To School

Going back to school can be a stressful time for everyone. I hope these 25 helpful tips for going back to school will help ease some of your stress.

MORNING ROUTINE: When it comes to getting ready for school the morning seems to be the worst time. Everyone needs to be at either work or school or even daycare all at the same time it seems

  • Breakfast – to have a successful day breakfast should be included. A bowl of their favorite cereal with fruit or a glass of juice.

  • Schedule – look at the schedule/calendar to see if there is anything important to do for the day. Make a note of it so you don’t forget.

  • Brush teeth, hair and get everything to go.


Boy, do I remember this time?

Kids would come in the door and throw their backpacks and jackets where ever they pleased. Most of the time it was on the floor right in front of the door. UGH!

  • Homework time: This is the time you as a knowledgeable parent should be going through the backpack. Don’t just ask them, “DO you have any homework tonight?” I remember I used to do that then I realized I would get the same answer, “Nope!” every day. So go through that backpack, get the lunchbox out and see if there are any notes from the teacher.

  • Planner: many schools require children to have a planner nowadays. If they don’t it is a good idea for a child to have one. This will help as they grow up and go onto middle school and high school. If required make sure you look at it and initial it. A good way for you to remember that you have looked at it.

  • Last step: after the homework is done and the backpack has been sorted out the last step is to put everything back in so that it is ready to go for in the morning. Set it by the front door.

  • Snack time: just as our day was busy the kids were busy at school. They probably are starving. So a quick snack of fruit or granola will probably tie them over until dinner.

EVENING ROUTINE: This time of the day can be as busy as you make it or quiet as it can be. Each family is different. There may be sports, piano lessons, tutoring or chores. After dinner is over and the dishes are clean. Let’s get ready for some quality family time.

  • Prep for the morning: backpacks by the door, shoes and coats lined up. Pick out the clothes to wear and see them out. Bath or shower completed and ready for bed.

  • Family time: for as long as I can remember school nights have been busy. It is important to make some family time. Before you know it the time will not be there. Believe me!


  1. Get a routine

  2. Reuse last years supplies to save a little money.

  3. Get a planner

  4. Set up a communication centre, for all activities

  5. Establish family time

  6. Take a short break either before or after homework time

  7. Snack time

  8. Arrange playdates if appropriate

  9. Visit the school with your child to get familiar with the environment

  10. Meet the teacher

  11. Make a homework area and keep organized

  12. Arrange for a tutor if needed

  13. Set a timer for homework and tv time

  14. Regular weekday schedules, bedtimes, tv times

  15. Model good behavior when stressed

  16. Create time for sports

  17. Create a morning checklist

  18. Check and sign the planner

  19. Ask for help if needed

  20. Make lunch for the morning

  21. Create a meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  22. Talk to your child about setting a goal ( number of books, staying organized)

  23. Schedule a treat day

  24. Meet their friends

  25. Have a great school year

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