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Announcement: My YouTube Is Finally Here!!

Finally, my YouTube channel is live!!!

My YOUTUBE is for parents and teenagers so I can help them understand and develop their child’s literacy skills, especially in their writing.

I will focus on:

  • GCSE/exam prep for English Literature and Language

  • Drama - writing practice for exams and how drama has helped my students and myself when it comes to writing.

  • General writing practice - focusing on developing your teen’s Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and other writing skills related to the English curriculum.

  • Tutoring Advice - when do you know your teen needs a tutor and how it can help.

  • Motivational - Encouraging you and your teen to use the growth mindset and how it can help your teenager achieve success in their desired goals.

I will also have: YOUTUBE lives where I will have my Tutors Across The Globe segment featured on this channel - this is where I have a guest tutor and we have a live conversation about a tutor/teen-related topic.

Please go to the link to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel:

Please go to my website and sign up to my mailing list for the latest updates on my free resources, projects and tutoring services

Best Wishes,

Natalie Chama

English Tutor

Chama Tuition

'Reach your full potential with confidence'


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