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FB LIVE UPDATE: How To Structure A Homework Timetable

Did you get a chance to see my first FB live?

Well if you didn't, no worries.

There is still a chance to see the pre-recorded version.

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who tuned into my first FB live last Thursday.

This was the fifth live in my exclusive FB group: 'The Busy Parents' Literacy Club' - An private group for parents who need literacy support for their teenager.

The topic was:

How To Structure A Homework Timetable

This topic was a previous blog post a few moons ago that my members from my FB group requested, so I thought I would do a FB Live on this popular topic.

Now, you might be thinking:

Why do I have to structure a homework timetable for my child?

The following groups may find it useful to structure their own homework timetable:

  • Students struggling to organise and prioritise their work.

  • Homeschool students (if parents want to give independent work for their child to complete that is out of their regular homeschool schedule).

  • Students revising for their final exams.

If your child is in school, they are probably using an electronic homework timetable where they can access work sent from their teachers. For example, Show my Homework.

But, do they consistently monitor their homework even with this provision in place?

Some students successfully do, but some find it hard to follow a system that they have not designed themselves. That is why I always recommend formatting a homework timetable for your child, especially if they struggle to monitor or organise their work/assignments.

So we discussed the 11 steps when scheduling a homework timetable:

1) Set a realistic time frame for completing homework

2) Using your time wisely, especially mornings

3) Use free periods productively (homeschool or mature students)

4) Use your Friday afternoons

5) Write down all your homework/activities daily or weekly

6) Write your assignments straight away and carefully

7) Estimate how much time you would need to complete assignments

8) Prioritize completing assignments depending on the deadline

9) Have breaks in between homework time

10) Stick to the plan

11) Try not to waste any time

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