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Top Ways Your Teenager Can Avoid The Exam Burnout

For my next few blogs, I have decided to do a Summer series, where I discuss how you can prepare your child for the new school year ahead.

Also, to work on the transition between the final exam of 2021 to September 2021-2022.

You may think:

Isn't it too early to talk about the new school year?

It is never too early!

And when you think about it............schools usually prepare your child's new timetable at this point in the year anyway, instead of putting everything together

So why don't we do the same for our personal goals?

And why not teach your child to get in this mindset before the Summer holidays hit?

So they can enjoy their Summer holidays and feel like they have some sort of rough plan for the new school year.

The Summer holidays should be to:

  • Relax.

  • Reflect.

  • Record goals.

So here a few ways you can better prepare yourself and your child for September.

- Check your child's school report or progress in assessments this year.

For in-school students:

Carefully look at their report to see which subjects they are doing well at and which ones do they need to work on.

If there are subjects they are weaker at, double-check with their teacher or other parents to see if you can get extra booklets to help them with homework.

E.g if they need help in spelling - get a recommended spelling guide, and they can use this for September to help them with their homework/assignments.

For homeschool students:

Check a sample of their assignments that they have completed throughout the year for each subject, and see if they have any weaker areas.

You can check this with your child if they are not too embarrassed, then you can get their opinion on their weaker areas also.

- Speak to their Teacher/Tutor.

For students in school: If you haven't attended a parents evening and received their overall report, touch base with their teachers and send them an email/phone call to see which areas do they need to improve on.

Even if you have attended a parents evening, it is always useful to ask, if you did not get around to it before:

Which guides can I purchase so I can support my child at home?

In my experience, not enough parents ask this question and this could be the golden ticket to better support your teenager and ease the stress.

If your child has a tutor, you can get them to forward an end of year report or overall target that they need to develop for next year.

For homeschool students:

If you have outsourced some of the help to a private tutor, request an end of year report.


Go over the assignments you have set for the year, and try to identify their gaps.

You can do this along with your teenager's feedback because they might be very aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are.

- Write a things-to-do list for the Summer.

This doesn't need to be a list set in stone, and it can change.

It might be small things you would like to get done in the Summer like getting more stationery etc.

The main thing is:

Keep it simple.

because you deserve to enjoy a restful summer holiday.

- Write down some rough goals for September.

This is similar to the to-do list during the Summer, but this is more focused on September.

If your teenager prefers to write their goals before the Summer holidays or near the end, it will significantly lift a lot of anxiety and stress for you and your teenager.

- Enjoy your Summer!

Don't forget to relax, relax and relax!!

Rest is as important as work and more so, in my opinion!

So to conclude:

Top Ways Your Teenager Can Avoid The Summer Burnout

  • Check your child's school report or progress in assessments this year.

  • Speak to their Teacher/Tutor.

  • Write a things-to-do list for the Summer.

  • Write down some rough goals for September.

  • Enjoy your Summer!

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