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Top 5 Online Writing Tools For Your Teenager

We have been in the virtual world for the last year or so and technology continues to progress.

There are so many useful writing apps and online tools out there, so we don't need to reinvent the wheel and stress ourselves out by trying to get our teenagers to engage in their reading or writing.


Do you know which writing tools you can use online that would help your teenager?

For students 11 - 16 years old I highly recommend this program. It is very interactive and provides a vocabulary list that is ideal for your child's ability. They also have great comprehension activities and quizzes on particular topics that your child learns in English.

Each quiz provides a result, so if they get higher than 95%, they will move to another level (Block) that would be more challenging for them.

They used to offer this program solely to schools, but they are now offering it to parents, some of my online students are now using it and they love it!

Also, I have seen a massive improvement in their vocabulary!

When they have completed a written essay, Grammarly is a great way for your child to quickly check their basic grammar and see if their delivery is suitable.

You can get the free version where it would check the basic grammar, or you can pay for the more detailed check which includes punctuation, tenses, word choice, and other grammatical features.

This is ideal for students as young as 8 - 12years old. This helps homeschool activities to run much smoother, especially when it comes to creative writing.

It provides engaging images that your teenager can use to help them write their stories, and it is also dyslexic friendly.

Furthermore, it has a built-in thesaurus and guidance/feedback on their spelling.

4) Grammaropolis -

Ideal for students 8 - 12years old or low ability students in high school, this takes students back to the basic grammar terms.

Your child will learn the 8 parts of speech in grammar and it is useful for homeschool students and tutors/teachers also.

It includes story-based learning, quizzes, books, videos and useful apps to download that provides a specific spelling, grammar or punctuation focus.

5) Simple Mind -

This app is good for older students 14 + as it helps your teenager create multiple mind maps on one page.

This is great for revision, and if they would like to create their knowledge organiser on a specific topic.

You can add images, audio and videos!

So to conclude:

Top 5 Online Writing Tools For Your Teenager

1) Bedrock Learning

2) Grammarly

3) ScribeEasy

4) Grammaropolis

5) Simple Mind

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