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Top 9 Ways To Engage A Reluctant Writer During the Summer

If you have a young teenager, you might want them to continue writing during the Summer holidays, without forcing them.

Especially if they hate writing!

So the idea is to keep all writing activities:

  • Short

  • Simple

  • Flexible


  • Versatile

They can also use these writing activities during a short staycation or a Summer holiday abroad if you are lucky:

Top 9 Ways To Engage A Reluctant Writer During the Summer

- Write goals for the next school year.

Your teenager may not tell you about how anxious they feel when there is a new school year, and they do not have a scooby doo what to focus on!

Especially if they are unsure of what goals they would like to accomplish for the next school year.

So.....why not encourage them to write those goals down?

It doesn't need to be a final or definitive list, as goals change depending on life's blessings and challenges.

But during the Summer holidays, it is usually a good reflective time to look back on what went well, and what they would like to improve for the next academic year.

They can jot their list of goals:

  • In a notebook.

  • On a noticeboard around the house.


  • On their mobile phone.

- Write a bucket list.

A bucket list is all the possible activities that we would like to do before we leave this earth.

I started my bucket list last year, and I usually add something new to my list during the Summer holidays when I am the most reflective.

Therefore, it is a great excuse for your teen to write. It is also very effective because you are encouraging them to visualise positive goals for their life.

- Write a letter to their future self

I mentioned this in another blog post, but this is a very powerful and affirmative tool. This encourages your child to visualise where they would like to see themselves in the next 5-10 years.

A clever way for your child to address their fears, but also help them to dream big!

- Write in a journal.

This is another tool that is so powerful but in my opinion, massively overlooked.

Usually, teenagers do not have the motivation to keep a journal because they feel it is too much effort.

But if they try it once. They will realise the benefits it has on our:

  • Mental health.

  • Emotional Health.

  • Writing Skills.

  • Memory.

  • Cognitive development. (All to do with how we think).

Also, it can be as short or as long as they like, but I would recommend writing in their journal at least once a week consistently.

I still have all my journals from the ages of 12 - 18 yrs old and I have recently got the urge to write in a journal again!

- Write a book or movie review.

You might have an aspiring journalist that loves writing reviews of some sort, so this is a perfect time to write a few reviews about:

  • Any books they might read during the Summer


  • Movies that they may watch during the Summer.

Whether they like the book/movie or not, encourage them to write about it and develop a critical response, which they have to demonstrate in their academic writing.

- Write a blog.

This is also a tool that is usually overlooked but a blog is a good foundation to:

  • Write about what they love.

  • Experiment with ideas to see who is interested.

  • Build like-minded followers.

  • Practice writing to engage a reader.

  • Practice writing consistently.

- Write a script.

For aspiring thespians, the Summer is a great opportunity to explore their creative ideas. So this is ideal if you have a child that loves to

  • Perform.


  • Tell amazing stories.

Why not get them to write a short script and get their friends to perform it!

Or if you're a theatre-loving family, you can perform it as an ensemble!

- Create a comic book.

Your child may love comic books, like the anime comic books that I see so many students purchasing nowadays.

If you are not going away this Summer, this could be a fun long-term project for your child to sink their teeth into.

It could also minimise a lot of boredom!!

- Enter into a Summer writing competition

There are so many good writing competitions out there that can give your child more incentive to write, and show off their best writing skills.

Please check out the link below for all the writing competitions that are taking place this year:

So to conclude:

Top 9 Ways To Engage A Reluctant Writer During the Summer

- Write goals for the next school year.

- Write a bucket list.

- Write a letter to their future self.

- Write in a journal.

- Write a book or movie review.

- Write a blog.

- Write a script.

- Create a comic book.

- Enter into a Summer writing competition

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