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Top Common Mistakes In Your Teenager's Grammar

Did you get a chance to see my FB live last Thursday?

Well if you didn't, no worries.

There is still a chance to see the pre-recorded version. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who tuned into my FB live.

This was the 6th live-in my exclusive FB group: 'Parent Support Hub For Struggling Writers'

The topic was:


I decided to emerge two of my blog posts about grammar and talk about this in my exclusive group.

I usually place a poll in my private FB group 'Parent Support Hub For Struggling Writers' and this topic was the most popular choice selected from my members.

Now, your teenager might be thinking:

What is Grammar?


Why is Grammar so important?

Grammar is the root of all language and it is so important that our children know how to identify and use grammar correctly in their writing.

We discussed the most common mistakes that teenagers usually make in their writing:

  • Using ‘text talk’ instead of formal language when speaking to a potential employee. E.g. IDK – I don’t know, LOL – laugh out loud!

  • Not using the correct determiners E.g. ‘an’ or ‘a’

  • Use the correct conjunctions in a sentence E.g. for, and but, so, or, nor.

  • Understanding what a sentence opener is and how to use it.

  • Using too many commas in the wrong places or not enough punctuation.

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