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Top Tips On Finding A Balance In Homeschool Life

Now as a parent you might be thinking, there is no such thing as a balance in home school life. And yes I do agree, to an extent.

It is hard to find a balance with anything, but what if we can try and lighten our load so we can get close to that balance of feeling that we are all making steady progress, instead of trying to kill each other in the process!

So here are my top tips on how you can get closer to that balanced homeschool lifestyle:

Get Adequate Sleep

I have highlighted this a few blog posts ago, but getting the right amount of sleep is so important, especially during this time of doing EVERYTHING from home.

Experts say that we should get roughly 8 - 10 hours of sleep a night. If this is too much of a stretch to get used to, just try to go to bed an hour earlier.

It may be just one hour difference, but your body will thank you for it.

Regular exercise

This may feel like an impossible task, but getting regular exercise in your day is vital not only for a healthy body but for a healthy mind as well.

I was inspired by one of my students the other day, who told me she has taken morning walks with her family before she starts her home learning day.

She does it consistently every day, and she did say that it has helped her to stay motivated.

So even if it is just a walk before or after a long home learning day, try to implement this into your schedule.

If you can do a more intense exercise, try Joe Wicks the PE teacher on UTUBE. I follow the workout plan with my 3-year-old daughter, and he does weekly videos.

Just make sure you do a warm-up beforehand so you don't pull a muscle!

Click here to check out Joe Wick's U TUBE channel:

Eat food that’s good for us

As they all say, you are what you eat!

So if that is true, if you are constantly eating chips, burgers, and foods that are high in saturated fat, this is not only affecting your body but also your brain.

You need enough brainpower for all those long home learning and working hours. If you are constantly in front of the computer, you need to eat nutritious foods that will help you build retention and cognitive development.

TOP TIP: Start blending your fruit and veg in a Nutri bullet. It is fast, easy and you can add yogurt, seeds/nuts for more nutrition. I do this when I have my busy days, and no matter how exhausted I may be, this keeps me going and my energy up!

Therefore, here are a few options that you might want to try:

  1. Blueberries

  2. Dark chocolate

  3. Walnuts

  4. Broccoli

  5. Concord grapes

  6. Oily fish

  7. Eggs

  8. Pumpkin seeds

  9. Sage

  10. Wine/ Champagne (Believe it or not! As long as it is in moderation)

Take time for hobbies and positive relationships

Home learning is a great opportunity to explore hobbies as a family, whether it is going for a jog or playing sports together.

Or if it is an individual hobby like painting, writing, or playing computer games - it is important to take advantage of these hobbies and it can help us to keep sane.

Also, staying in touch with positive people will get you through the challenging moments, whether it is joining a home learning group, parent support group, or if your child has a class they attend on zoom at the moment.

Continue to cultivate positive relationships so you don't feel isolated from the outside world.

Set daily affirmations

This might not be for everyone, but I find affirmations to be very powerful if you believe in the growth mindset theory.

When you find the right affirmation continue to say it out loud, it could be something you want to achieve. Just get in the habit of saying it first thing in the morning, and the last thing before you go to bed. It can help set you up for the day and bring positive energy your way.

You AND your child can do this as you are never too young or old to practice affirmations.

Try and do it every day for at least a month, and see if it makes any difference.

Take time to reflect on the day

I mention this in another blog post about having reflective moments with your children to discuss how they feel, and how do they think things are going so far.

I think this is crucial to have time to talk to your children without any interruptions, even if it is only for 5 mins.

This will help you to monitor your child's emotions and see if they are okay.

If your child likes to write how they feel, encourage them to write in a diary or journal.

Monitor phone/social media usage

I am very much guilty of indulging in Instagram and Facebook from time to time. But it is good to set boundaries with how much we use our phones, with not only our children but ourselves too.

Our phones are designed to overstimulate us if we are not careful, and it can increase anxiety if we get addicted.

I would advise that you set up cut off points when using the phone. E.g I do not go on social media on Sundays, and now I switch off my social media after 8 pm most nights.

If you could take Facebook and Instagram off your child's phone depending on their age, especially if they are under 16.

If you do not mind your child exploring these platforms now and then, I would have restrictions at particular times, especially in the evenings and before they go to bed.

Also, you could take off notifications so your phone will not ping constantly when you receive a message.

Whatever you choose to do, try to minimise their phone usage as much as possible.

Give daily rewards

I also mentioned this before, but it is always great to remind ourselves to continue to reinforce positive praise with our children.

Give rewards that your child would appreciate, it could be a reward chart, their favorite chocolate, movie, or computer game.

The aim is to acknowledge their achievements and celebrate with them.

So to conclude:

Top Tips On Finding A Balance In Homeschool Life

  • Get Adequate Sleep

  • Regular exercise

  • Eat food that’s good for us

  • Take time for hobbies and positive relationships

  • Set daily affirmations

  • Take time to reflect on the day

  • Monitor phone/social media usage

  • Give daily rewards

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