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Top Writing Ideas That Your Teenager Will Enjoy!!

As we have all 'embarked' on this home learning journey together, your child might be over the excessive amount of work they have to do. Especially, if they haven't had a change of scenery, since we are currently on our 3rd lockdown in the UK.

Also, they are constantly working on the computer, so the traditional pen to paper writing, might not be utilised as much as Microsoft Word, and typing out every single extensive piece of writing.

So it is great to vary their writing activities from time to time, just in case, the more conventional approaches start to become a little stale.

So here it is!

Top 10 Writing Activities You Can Use With Your Teenager

- Finish the story

This is a great way to use sentence starters but in a fun way.

If you give your child sentences from a children's novel, get them to finish off the story. You can apply this as a main task for them to complete, or if they are temporarily homeschooled, they can use this to write a story if they need to do creative writing for English.

This activity can be used in so many different ways, you can even get your child's favourite genres or stories, and they can add their creative flair!

- Write a book

This idea is great for the permanent home school student that may need a project that would last for a few weeks. If you either have a child that loves writing their own stories, or you want them to engage in a writing project.

Get them to write a book! This book can be any size depending on how long you would like the project to last, whether it's a 10 - 20 pager.

Get them to plan what type of genre they would like to write about, characters, plot, etc.

I have used this plan before that may come in handy:

Then you can get them to go crazy with designing their book cover and pages, so they can have some valuable off-screen time. As we all know that off-screen time is very rare and precious at the moment.

- Write a poem

In my experience, when my students write a poem, at first, they always try to over complicate the activity in their head, as they think the poem has to be as profound as Shakespeare's poetry.

Once they get over the logistics of writing a poem, they usually write some amazing pieces! Also, this activity is great for any ability and it is a great way for your child to express themselves.

Or if you would like to give them some writing prompts from other poems that they may like.

Similar to the first activity 'Finish the story', you can also get them to write their version of the original poem, or finish the ending.

- Write their play or movie script

If you have any future actors/producers/writers/playwrights or directors, why not get them to create a script, where they can have fun writing it out and potentially performing it, especially if you have more than one child.

This can also be extended into a group project they can do for a few weeks, and they would love to see it come to life!

Even better, get them to record themselves and see it on the screen, this could be added to your family home videos, and you can all have a good chuckle with the finished product!

- Make it Competitive

With the activities such as 'Finish the story, 'Write a poem' or 'Writing a script', if you have more than one child, get them to compete for prizes at the end. Competition can be effective as long as everyone feels included and not discouraged.

- Write an autobiography

If your child loves reading about other people's lives, whether it is a celebrity they admire, get them to do their own!

This can help them to understand what non-fiction is and can be a nice short or long term project.

Like writing their book - it doesn't need to be just a fictional story - get them to design the booklet and be as creative as they like!

- Write a review about a book or movie

This is a great way for them to write about a book they have already read, and they can be completely honest!

So get them to express themselves as it is great for our children to develop that critical response in their writing.

- Create a storyboard or comic book

If your child is a visual learner or an aspiring illustrator/artist, this would be a great opportunity to get them not just to write a story, but to sketch pictures.

Also, this activity is great for anime lovers too!

- Design a word bank

I have mentioned this before in a previous blog post, where I talked about - how to create a word bank, but this could be a great way for them to design a word bank of their choice and for you to collaborate with them, so they can display this on their wall.

This would also help them with future work or projects, whether it is reading or writing activities.

To find out more about how to collate an effective work bank, please click on my blog post for more info:

- Do free writing with music

This is a great reflective and therapeutic activity, that could be used as an icebreaker, or a settler activity at the end of a busy day.

Great for auditory learners, if they like to listen to their music while they study. Freewriting is all about picking up a pen and writing about anything they wish.

Let their imagination be free to explore without restrictions, as long as it is appropriate.

- Do a writing quiz

Quizzes are a great way to check for knowledge gaps and a nice brain twister for your child. You can try a variety of different literacy quizzes; from multiple choice to even playing Kahoot if you have more than one child.

Something very easy to access and adapt to your already busy schedule.

So to conclude,

Top Writing Activities That Your Teenager Would Enjoy!!

- Finish the story

- Write a book

- Write a poem

- Write their play or movie script

- Make it Competitive

- Write an autobiography

- Write a review about a book or movie

- Create a storyboard or comic book

- Design a word bank

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