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What do English and Maths have in common?

Now you may have a child that prefers English than Maths and it is very rear I have met someone that was strong or loved both subjects at the same time.

You may have heard that the lovers of English loved the subject because they might like the books or creative writing and with Maths, your child might be a wiz at adding and multiplying sums together and love working out formulas.

or in any subject, it could be as simple as just liking the teacher but not even liking the subject.

Either way, if we can see similarities in both subjects, this can help us to find useful links that can help your child understand the other subject better, whether it is Maths or English.

5 things that English and Maths have in Common

  • Structure

As we all know, when it comes to writing clear sentences there are rules to where certain grammar should go or how you can change certain pieces of grammar so it can make sense. It's the same with Maths when it comes to solving equations or certain formulas. There is a certain sequence that needs to be put in place for an equation to make sense. So whether it's letters or numbers both subjects have a variety of sequences that can be used to put a sentence or formula together.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Language

Now every subject uses different forms of language to communicate ideas as each subject has a certain form of terminology just for that particular subject.

With English, we know that it uses English and other languages are emerged to make the modern English language we have today. Like Latin, Welsh, German, French, etc.

So You may ask, why is Maths a language?

It is a language because it uses numbers, symbols, and equations as a form of communication.

  • Definition

In English, it is clear that each Literacy Term, phrase, or word has a specific definition this is no different from Maths.

Maths also use descriptors that can create a specific meaning in a sentence.

  • Problem Solving

Both subjects require you to problem solve whether you are re-writing a piece of writing. English requires you to decide and change errors by adding the correct grammar and Maths can also show you how to solve and find the correct answer by using the correct descriptors.

  • Creativity

Now this applies to all subjects not just Maths and English.

In English, it requires creativity especially in creative writing where you have to write your own stories and how you can structure the words together to create different tones and meanings.

Also, Maths are not only good for logical minds but creative ones especially when mastering and solving different equations and formulas.

This video below is a great simple resource that shows you the similarities between Maths and English.

Top Mobile Apps to use for English and Maths

Now there is a great excuse to use your phone more.....

  • Senaca Learn

This app is ideal for key 3 - 5 (12 - 18) in Maths and English. It is great for students who are not usually engaged in revision at school.

It offers homework, revision prep in a matter on seconds and it tracks your child's progress.

Not only that, but it is free!

  • Gojimo

This app is supported by The Telegraph and covers a wide range of syllabuses from GCSE, A level, International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, Common Entrance, and many other international exam boards.

Therefore, it offers relevant exam questions for your child's specific exam board.

  • GCSE Pod

This also covers every exam board and they provide a function for teachers and parents. They have a UTUBE that you can use as a guide along with the app.

  • Memrise

This is ideal for English and other languages and will take you through the vocabulary.

There is a button that you can click on titled 'Help me to remember this' and it will get you to select a 'mem' (image) that will help you to remember that word.

Therefore, it is very interactive and great for visual learners.

  • Audiopi

Ideal for GCSE and A-Level English.

This is very popular with my students because it has very interesting audio tutorials and educational podcasts that your child would enjoy.

  • Key Cards - Maths and Science

This app includes so great quizzes at a small cost of £1.50. You can also retest yourself on incorrect answers.

  • Get Revising

If your child needs help with organisation this app is for you! You can create a colour coded plan and set reminders.

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