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What does reading books for fun really mean?

If you have seen my other blog posts, we have had quite a journey so far:

- Why is your child afraid of literacy?

- Using wow words the right way

- How to get your child to read more

- What do English and Maths have in common?

- What type of learner is your child?

- How can reading build up your child's vocabulary?

- How can your child memorise words quicker?

- How can your child create an effective word bank?

- How can your child explore different genres and authors?

- How can your child tackle reading comprehension?

Now, we are focusing on how to make reading more fun! You might be thinking, is that even possible? And the answer is, Yes! It is!

Reading can be a great way to share stories and discuss particular social issues that may be highlighted in a book.

So these are my top ways on how you can make reading more fun!

Top Ways On How You Can Make Reading Fun!

  • Create a book of the week

Even if your child doesn't end up reading the whole book, this might help them to have a focus on which books are recommended reads for your child's age group, and it is a nice excuse to talk about certain subjects that are highlighted in the story.

For Example, I did this with one of my students that is not much of an avid reader, I recommended a Fiction novel and a Non- Fiction book, and we discussed the themes highlighted in each one:

The fiction novel I recommended was 'Ghost Boys' by Jewell Parker Rhodes. It is a great book that highlights police brutality and racial profiling, so we discussed the issues of police brutality that are taking place in America at the moment.

We also discussed Racism in the UK and how it is relevant or .linked to what is going on in the US.

When a child can relate or connect to a story, they will be more engaged to pick up the book and read it independently.

You can't just expect your child to read it if they do not know what the book is about. That is when the 'prison sentence reading syndrome' will come into play.

  • As I said before, try the audiobook

I did highlight this point in my last few blogs, but I cannot distress enough how effective it is as it helps your child to engage in their reading.

This is more interactive and they can also do this on the go.

  • Join a book club - or create one!

Books clubs are hard to come by. But your child can always create one on zoom! Get some parents together and decide on which book they will read and see if they all enjoy it.

I mean zoom is free, you just need to pay for the book!

  • Read the book while you are listening to music (great for the auditory learner)

Your child might find it easier to concentrate when they are listening to music while they are studying. So, why not try music to get them to relax while they are reading.

For example, when my students are doing a creative writing task, I put relaxing music in the background and it usually helps them to concentrate.

It does work depending on your child's learning style, as some students may find it a distraction.

If you would like to find out your child's learning style, check out my previous blog post where it includes a learning style quiz:

  • Create a debate topic about a book

This method is great if you are reading a book together or if you want to do the book club idea.

Kids love a good debate, and it helps to form a greater understanding of the issue being presented in the book. This is when they can freely express their opinion on a particular topic.

Also, this is only effective when they have already started the book and they enjoy it so far.

  • Write a book review

If your child is not very verbal, they can write a book review. Even if they have read only a few chapters, they can still form their opinion on the book and how well it is going.

This can offer a chance for your child to be brutally honest about the book, and you can see if they enjoy it.

If it is a good review, they can keep reading. If it is a bad review, change the book!

You can find some great book review templates online.

Top Apps For Kids That Think Reading Is Boring

You don't have to feel guilty if they are on their phone, especially if it is to do with reading, so here are a few reading apps I highly recommend for your child:

- Kindle: All Ages

you may think this is an obvious choice, but I have not seen many students with this device because they think as one of my yr8 students exclaimed, "It's for old people!".

This is great for a kinaesthetic or naturalistic learner who likes something that is practical and suits their lifestyle, especially if they like to be physically on the move or loves different gadgets.

If you would prefer not to get the kindle book device, you can always download it on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

- Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are: 11 +

This is great for young teens who need motivation with their reading, but they also lack confidence in themselves. Great for a visual learner, someone with a low reading level, or dyslexic students.

This app includes great graphic stories that are visually pleasing to the eye.

Available on iPhone, iPad touch, kindle fire, and iPad.

- Device 4: 12+

This app includes an interactive story puzzler, that is great if your child likes stories that they need to solve or investigate.

This app costs $3.99 in the US but it should be available in other countries also.

Available on iPhone, iPad touch, and iPad.

- The Westport Independent: 12+

This is great for kids that enjoy reading non - fiction, and it explains how the media can shape our reality.

This is especially relevant in what is happening in the media right now.

Available on iPhone, iPad touch, and iPad and it costs 4.99.

- Mission X - Hidden Island: 13+

If your child likes creepy adventure stories this is the perfect app! They can also make choices in the story.

Available on iPhone, iPad touch, and iPad and it is free to try.

- WebToon - Find Yours: 15+

This app contains a diverse collection of mature user comics.

Available on iPhone, iPad touch, and iPad and it is free in-app purchases.

To conclude, always remember my top ways to make reading fun for your child:

  • Create a book of the week

  • As a said before, try the audiobook

  • Join a book club - or create one!

  • Read the book while you are listening to music (Great for the auditory learner)

  • Create a debate topic about a book

  • Write a book review

  • Check out my top apps for kids that think reading is boring

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