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Top 8 Activities Your Teenager Can Do This Summer

I don't know about you, but I am so excited about the Summer break!

But some of you might be thinking:

What is my teenager going to do for the next 6 - 8 weeks?

There is so much that your teenager can do during the Summer, it's time to get creative!

- Join A Writing Competition

There are always so many writing competitions your teenager can partake in throughout the year.

Especially if your child loves writing and would like to show off their writing skills on a larger platform.

Please click on the links below to see all of the best writing competitions that are taking place this year:

- Create A Film

If you haven't booked a Staycation this Summer, creating a film might be a nice project for your teenager, especially if they see themselves as an aspiring director/filmmaker.

Or even if they are not that serious about it, it is just something fun to do, and there is so much great editing software that they can use to edit a short film.



And we are not talking about a 2-hour motion picture!

Just a 5 - 10 min short film is enough, and it will encourage them to do some writing when they are creating their script.

Of course, when it comes to recording the film, they can just use their mobile phones!

- Learn 10 Phrases Of A New Language

Whether you would like:

  • Your teenager to learn their mother tongue - if English is your 2nd language.

  • Learn a language your teenager likes.


  • Learn a language that is taught in their school.

Sticking to just 10 phrases can teach your child discipline and commitment.

You never know, they may learn more phrases if they enjoy it!

There are also great apps that can them learn a new language for free!!

Like UTalk app which provides access to 140 languages.

- Write A Play

You might have a future thespian that loves performing and creating stories.

Why not get them to write a play, then you can perform it as a family if you all share that same passion for the theatre!

- Create A Memory Book

If your teenager hasn't started a memory box yet, then the Summer might be the best time to start.

It is a great way to reminisce about their most precious moments and a great time to add their greatest achievements.

It could be -

  • A poem they wrote.

  • Pictures.

  • Rewards/certificates.


  • Concert tickets.

I have a memory box that I started at the age of 17. And I still look through it when I have a quiet moment.

It's so nostalgic!

- Write A Haiku

If your teenager wants a writing challenge, get them to write a Haiku which contains:

17 syllables in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5.

It sounds easy but it is not easy as you think.

Check out this video to find out how they can get started!

- Write A Blog

I always recommend your teenager starting a blog on something that they love as it is:

  • Therapeutic

  • Enjoyable

  • A clever way for them to practice their writing consistently.


  • They might build up a cool following too!

- Make A Summer Playlist

The Summer holidays are a perfect time to start creating a playlist.

They could create a playlist for different categories such as:

  • Studying

  • Relaxing

  • Party time

  • Family time

This might give them the motivation through the highs and lows throughout the year!

- Attend A Summer Camp

As things are slowly opening up in the UK and around the world. There are a few Summer day camps that are offering:

  • Writing Summer workshops

  • Outdoor sports

  • Arts and crafts

and other extracurricular activities.

If you want to find out where they are taking place.

Google Summer camps in your local area.

So To Conclude:

Top Activities Your Teenager Can Do This Summer

  • Join A Writing Competition

  • Create A Film

  • Learn 10 Phrases Of A New Language

  • Write A Play

  • Create A Memory Book

  • Write A Haiku

  • Write A Blog

  • Attend A Summer Camp

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